Guide: How to Hang Wreaths on Windows

Welcome to our article on how to hang wreaths on windows! With the holidays approaching, many people are looking to spruce up their homes with festive decorations. One classic decoration that always looks great is a wreath hung on a window. Hanging a wreath on a window can add color and cheer to your home’s exterior. But how do you do it? In this article, we’ll provide you with 12 easy-to-follow steps on how to hang wreaths on windows. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or a beginner, these tips will help you achieve the look you want.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Hang Wreaths on Windows

Step 1: Measure Your Windows

The first step in hanging wreaths on your windows is to measure the size of the windows you’d like to decorate. This will help you determine what size of wreath you need. Measure both the width and height of the window, and make a note of these measurements.

Step 2: Choose the Right Type of Wreath

When selecting a wreath, it’s important to choose one that is appropriate to the style of your home and your personal taste. You can choose a wreath made of natural materials, such as pine cones or holly, or a more traditional artificial wreath. Decide which type of wreath you want to use and purchase one that fits the measurements you took in step one.

Step 3: Decide on Placement

Next, decide where you want to hang your wreath. Do you want it to be centered on the window, or hung on one side? Consider the symmetry of your home’s architecture and choose a placement that looks balanced.

Step 4: Attach Suction Cups to the Window

One of the easiest ways to hang a wreath on a window is by using suction cups. These can be purchased at most craft stores and are very easy to install. Simply moisten the suction cup and attach it to the window where you’d like to hang your wreath.

Step 5: Attach Ribbon or Fishing Line to the Wreath

Next, you’ll need to attach the wreath to the suction cup. You can do this by attaching a ribbon or fishing line to the top of the wreath and tying it to the suction cup hook. Make sure the ribbon or fishing line is secure and won’t fall off.

Step 6: Hang the Wreath

Once you’ve attached the suction cup and ribbon to the wreath, it’s time to hang it on the window. Hold the wreath up to the window and carefully attach the suction cup to the glass. Make sure the wreath is centered and level.

Step 7: Secure the Bottom of the Wreath

To prevent the wreath from swinging or moving, you’ll need to secure the bottom of it to the window. You can do this by attaching a small suction cup to the bottom of the wreath and sticking it to the window.

Step 8: Add Additional Support

If you’re hanging a heavier wreath, you may need to add additional support. You can do this by attaching a small hook to the window frame and tying the ribbon or fishing line to it.

Step 9: Add Lights (Optional)

To add extra sparkle and cheer to your wreath, you can add lights. You can purchase battery-operated lights specifically designed for wreaths or simply wrap a string of lights around the wreath. Be sure to choose lights that are appropriate for outdoor use.

Step 10: Add Decorative Elements (Optional)

To make your wreath stand out even more, you can add decorative elements such as pine cones, berries, or ornaments. These can be wired onto the wreath or simply hung on it with ribbon.

Step 11: Adjust and Tweak

Once you’ve hung your wreath, step back and take a look at it. Is it level? Is it centered? Are there any areas that need additional support? Make any necessary adjustments before moving on.

Step 12: Enjoy!

Finally, step back and admire your handiwork. Your wreath is now perfectly hung on your window, adding a festive touch to your home’s exterior.

Tips and Tricks for Hanging Wreaths on Windows

Tip 1: Use Waterproof Materials

When selecting materials for your wreath, choose ones that are waterproof. This will ensure that your wreath stays looking great throughout the holiday season.

Tip 2: Clean Your Windows First

Before attaching suction cups to your windows, be sure to clean them thoroughly. This will help ensure that the suction cups stick properly.

Tip 3: Use Different Sized Wreaths

To create a varied and interesting look, consider using wreaths of different sizes and styles. This will add depth and dimension to your decor.

Tip 4: Add Lights to Multiple Windows

For a truly festive look, consider adding wreaths with lights to multiple windows throughout your home. This will create a cohesive and merry look.

Tip 5: Experiment with Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles of wreaths. Whether you’re going for a traditional green and red look or something more modern, have fun with it!

Tip 6: Choose Suction Cups with Hooks

When selecting suction cups, choose ones that come with hooks. This will make attaching the wreath much easier.

Tip 7: Include Natural Elements

To create a cozy and inviting feel, consider including natural elements in your wreaths such as pine cones, berries, or twigs.

Tip 8: Add Ribbon

Ribbon can be a great way to add color and personality to your wreaths. Mix and match different colors and styles to create a unique look.

Tip 9: Get Creative with Placement

Don’t limit yourself to hanging wreaths on just windows. Experiment with hanging them on doors, walls, and fences for a fun and unexpected touch.

Tip 10: Change Wreaths Seasonally

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just holiday wreaths. Consider changing out your wreaths seasonally for a fresh and new look throughout the year.

We hope that this guide has helped you learn how to hang wreaths on windows. With a little patience and creativity, you can create a beautiful and festive look for your home’s exterior. Happy decorating!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hanging Wreaths on Windows

Wreaths are a popular decoration for the holidays, and hanging them on windows can add a festive touch to your home. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this method of decoration. Here are ten of each:


1. Hanging wreaths on windows allows you to decorate the exterior of your home, which can make it stand out in the neighborhood.
2. Wreaths can add a pop of color to your home’s exterior.
3. Wreaths are easy to install on windows, and can be taken down quickly when the holiday season is over.
4. Hanging wreaths on windows can be an affordable way to decorate your home for the holidays, as wreaths can be found at a variety of price points.
5. Wreaths can be a fun DIY project, allowing you to create a custom decoration that reflects your personal style.
6. Wreaths can be reused from year to year, making them an environmentally friendly choice.
7. Hanging wreaths on windows can provide a warm and welcoming feel to your home, which is especially important during the holiday season.
8. Wreaths can be a great conversation starter with friends and family who visit your home during the holidays.
9. Wreaths can be a traditional decoration that helps to bring back happy memories of past holidays.
10. Hanging wreaths on windows can be a fun family activity, allowing everyone to participate in the decorating process.


1. Hanging wreaths on windows can be difficult if you have multiple stories or hard-to-reach windows.
2. Wreaths can block sunlight from coming in through your windows, which can be an issue if you have plants or other things that need sunlight to thrive.
3. If you live in an area with high winds, wreaths can become damaged or even fall off of your windows.
4. Wreaths can attract birds and other animals, which can cause damage to your home or the wreaths themselves.
5. If you don’t secure your wreaths properly, they can cause damage to your windows or the exterior of your home.
6. Hanging wreaths on windows can make it harder to clean your windows or perform other maintenance on your home’s exterior.
7. If you live in an area with heavy snow or ice, wreaths can become weighed down and damaged.
8. Wreaths can become a fire hazard if they are hung near windows where candles or other flames are present.
9. If you have a lot of windows, hanging wreaths on all of them can be time-consuming and expensive.
10. Wreaths can become outdated or unfashionable, which can make your home seem outdated or in need of updating.

Ultimately, the decision to hang wreaths on your windows will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your home. Consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully before making a decision.


1. Can wreaths be hung on any type of window?

Yes, wreaths can be hung on any type of window. The method of hanging may vary depending on the material of the window frame.

2. Do I need to use a specific type of wreath for window hanging?

No, any type of wreath can be used for window hanging. However, it is important to ensure that the wreath is lightweight and does not damage the window in any way.

3. How do I determine the appropriate size of wreath for my window?

The size of the wreath should be determined by the size of the window. A wreath that is too big or too small will not look visually appealing. Measure the width and height of your window and choose a wreath with a diameter that is slightly smaller than the width of the window.

4. Can I use suction cups to hang wreaths on windows?

Yes, suction cups can be used to hang wreaths on windows. However, make sure that the suction cup is strong enough to hold the weight of the wreath and that the window is clean before attaching the suction cup.

5. How do I attach a wreath to a window with a wooden frame?

For windows with a wooden frame, use a hook or nail to hang the wreath. make sure the hook or nail is securely attached to the frame and the wreath is hung using wire or ribbon.

6. What is the best time of year to hang wreaths on windows?

Wreaths can be hung on windows year-round, but they are most commonly used for festive decoration during the holiday season.

7. Can I hang multiple wreaths on a single window?

Yes, multiple wreaths can be hung on a single window. However, make sure that the wreaths do not appear too cluttered and that they are symmetrical.

8. How do I clean my window once the wreath is removed?

Use a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner to clean the window once the wreath is removed. Be sure to remove all residue left by the adhesive used to hang the wreath.

9. How do I hang a wreath on a window that is too high to reach?

For high windows, use a ladder or stool to reach the window. Make sure to follow safety precautions and have an assistant to help with the hanging.

10. How do I secure the wreath to the window?

Wreaths can be secured to the window using wire, ribbon, or adhesive hooks. Make sure to choose a method that is appropriate for the weight and size of the wreath.

11. Can I use suction cups on a wet window?

No, suction cups will not stick properly to wet surfaces. Make sure that the window is dry before attaching the suction cups.

12. How do I remove the wreath from the window without damaging it?

To remove the wreath from the window, gently peel off any adhesive hooks or ribbon. If any residue is left behind, use a mild cleaner to remove it.

13. Can I use artificial wreaths for window hanging?

Yes, artificial wreaths can be used for window hanging. However, make sure that the wreath looks realistic and not overly artificial.

How to Hang Wreaths on Windows

Wreaths are a holiday decoration staple that can be hung just about anywhere in and around your home. One popular place to hang them is on windows. However, the challenge here is to do it in a way that doesn’t damage your window frames or the wreath itself. Luckily, there are several ways to hang wreaths on windows that are both secure and damage-free. Here’s how:


In conclusion, there are several ways to hang wreaths on windows without damaging anything in the process. You can use suction cups, magnetic hooks, adhesive hooks, or ribbon to attach the wreath to the window. It’s essential to choose the method that’s most suitable for your window and wreath type. When you’re done hanging the wreath, step back, and admire your handiwork. A wreath on a window is a beautiful, classic holiday decoration that can brighten up any home.


Thank you for reading this article on how to hang wreaths on windows. We hope it has been helpful and that you now have a few different options for safely and securely displaying your wreaths during the holiday season. Remember to always be careful when hanging anything on your windows and to choose the right method for your specific situation. Happy decorating!